Significance of Proper Maintenance of Gas Detectors


Industrial working environments and confined spaces are prime targets for exposure to dangerous and hazardous gases and vapours present in the atmosphere. Be it portable or fixed, gas detectors are essential equipment to have in these spaces. It’s no wonder gas detectors and monitors are lifesaving equipment. But, regular maintenance is the key to optimal performance and the effectiveness of the equipment. However, regular maintenance is often overlooked by many facility managers as they don’t know or understand the potential dangers of malfunctioning or ineffective gas detectors.

Here’s why proper maintenance gas monitors are crucial:-

Prevent Employees from Exposure to Toxic Gases

Of course, gas detectors can save many lives. But how efficient are these systems? What good are this equipment if the readings are unreliable or inaccurate or alarms don’t function properly when they are needed the most? It’s not uncommon to hear that gas monitors that have been installed have never been serviced, even the government regulations and companies’ safety manuals state they should be maintained and serviced regularly. There’s no point in having these safety systems if they don’t function efficiently.

It is of utmost importance to know the exact concentration of gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, oxygen, and other toxic gases that are combustible in a particular area and dangerous hazardous before sending a worker inside the working area. Knowing the parts-per-million of hazards of gases and the level of safe exposure will allow your workforce to be well-equipped with the right detectors, monitors, and other safety equipment to protect themselves from exposing to toxic gases that are dangerous. That’s why maintenance is crucial.

Avoid Explosions

After all, the purpose of having gas monitors is to avoid and prevent explosions. Without proper functioning gas detectors, your crew is at the risk of potential explosion that can be fatal and devastating. For instance, carbon monoxide might be released from an engine and settles into a hole. This can lead to potential combustion and can cause oxygen deficiency in the atmosphere. Well-maintained gas monitors can help identify these risks before they escalate to extremely dangerous.

Ensure Smooth Operation

Explosions and exposure to gases can negatively impact the operation for several weeks or even a month, affecting your bottom line. Properly maintained Portable gas detectors allows the crew to better understand their working area. This, in turn, helps them to plan ahead with the right safety equipment and follow the safety protocols, helping to increase productivity and reducing downtime.

Be sure to maintain your gas and flame detectors regularly through bump testing, calibration, and professional training.

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