Signs That Indicate Your Pool Is Leaking


Are you wondering whether your pool is leaking or not? Having a private swimming pool can be exciting. But, it comes with maintenance, repairs, and responsibilities. You’ll have to make sure that the pool is clean and free of leaks. Of course, pools lose some water due to evaporation and splashing. But, unusual loss of water indicates an underlying issue within the pool. Pool leaks can occur anywhere inside or outside of the pool. No matter what type of pool you have, there is a high chance of a leak. If you are in doubt whether your pool is working or not, look for the following signs:-

High Water Bills

If you are receiving high water bills that are unexplained; it’s a tell-tale sign that your pool is leaking. Even the smallest hole can leak gallons of water, causing water usage to increase. Pay attention to your energy bills and keep track of it. If you see the numbers are high in spite of regular usage, it’s best to test your pool for leaks.

Standing Water

Do you notice water around the pool even though you haven’t used the pool or it hasn’t rained? It could indicate a leak somewhere inside or above the ground. However, the leaks could be detected and fixed with the right online pool supplies.

Reduced Water Level

Of course, about 1/4th inch of water gets evaporated daily when the temperature is hot and humid. That said, if there’s a severe fall in the level of water even after refilling several times up to the filling line, it’s not because of evaporation. Your pool is losing water due to a possible leak in the pipeline. Replacing the pipelines can help resolve the issue. You could find the necessary supplies in the pool shop online.

Cracks in Tiles

The water in the swimming pools looks very clear and crystal because of the eye-soothing and polished tiles. But, when the water starts to leak, cracks start appearing, and the tiles get detached from the cement botting over time. This is a tell-tale sign that indicates you need to be extremely cautious about it so that you don’t miss all the summertime fun.

Discolouration of Water

If you notice a significant discolouration of the pool water even after checking the PH level of the water, it’s a sign of water leakage. The pool water gets imbalanced when untreated water is added to the pool.

If you notice any of the above signs, determine the cause and fix the issue as early as possible. If you are looking for pool supplies, online swimming pool supplies is the one-stop shop for all your pool supply needs.

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