The Best Educational Websites for Teachers

Time is a teachers most valuable asset. The daily grind of managing a classroom, collecting data, attending meetings and various aspects often leaves us feeling exhausted at the end of each working day. The role of a teacher is far from simply teaching our students. Our jobs involve planning engaging lessons and providing feedback often as well as building meaningful connections with the children in our class and dealing with all the paperwork. The profession of teaching is demanding and engulfs most of our time at school and home too. However, the internet can empower teachers by serving as an inspirational tool for new ideas and also saving valuable time.

We have searched through the ever-growing online collection to highlight the best educational websites for busy teachers. Here you will find engaging and effective resources for teaching your students in a fun and meaningful way!

1.Resources for Teaching Website:

Students learn valuable skills when the content and learning activities are enjoyable and understandable. The Resources for Teaching website facilitates highly engaging learning environments through our broad range of teacher created resources that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

They understand that teachers have an overwhelming number of tasks to complete each day; meetings, marking, programming, duties, reports and the list goes on. Their printable teacher worksheets and activities will help save you time and energy preparing educational lessons so that you can be more present with your students in the classroom.

If you need to pull a lesson together quickly, their downloadable resources are fast and easy to access and use from your computer or devices. They have plenty of fantastic tools on their website to support busy full-time and casual teachers.

websites for teachers




Has a wide range of teaching materials for teachers and lesson plans that can be filtered by subject, grade level or a particular theme. They have resources for students in kindergarten all the way up to Year 12. They have an extensive list of literacy resources to support English lessons that teachers will find useful and timesaving. Their website also provides a way for teachers to learn new techniques and strategies by engaging with other literacy professionals.


This website is filled with plenty of inspiring TED talks and animations to spark the imagination and curiosity of students in upper elementary and secondary school. Their videos are both engaging and informative providing guidance and facts about a variety of interesting topics. TedEd is versatile for teachers who may like to create their own customised lessons and add questions or discussion topics to check for student understanding.


This website is great for general teacher resources. They have a large database of educational online games and activities that are wonderful for lower and upper primary school students. Their games are also great for rewarding students with some less intensive but suitable activities.

The author is a writer who often publishes articles on health and education for their readers online. She also manages a website that offers a range of teaching resources online. Visit for more information.

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