The Common Cause of Bleeding Gums


Gums are a delicate part of your mouth and play a significant role in your dental health. From protecting the roots of your teeth to helping your teeth in place, gums are an essential part of your mouth. Like the body’s tissues, gums can also be damaged due to various reasons, including poor oral habits and gum disease, and they start to bleed. Bleeding gum is one of the common signs indicating that something is wrong with your oral health.

Even you might experience some pain or discomfort in your gums, which is a major concern that shouldn’t be ignored. You might have minor problems. When it’s left unchecked and goes untreated, it can turn into a major problem. The earlier you find the cause of your bleeding gums, the better.

If your gums are bleeding, probably the following are the reasons, and it’s advisable to visit the dentist Albuquerque nm right away.


Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. If caught at this stage, it could be treated and reversed. Poor oral hygiene can lead to plaque accumulation on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky-film-like bacteria formed from the sugar and starchy foods that you eat and drink. If plaque isn’t removed, it can lead to serious infections, cavities, gum disease, and other oral health concerns. Over time, plaque can lead to gingivitis, and swollen and bleeding gums are the signs.

Without proper treatment and good oral hygiene practice, plaque can turn into a hard substance called tartar. It can worsen your bleeding gums, causing pain and discomfort. Home cleaning methods are not effective in removing the tartar.


Certain medications like blood thinning are also a possible cause of bleeding gums. This is because it decreases the blood clotting ability and leads to bleeding. Please let your physician and dentist Albuquerque nm about your medical condition and the medicines you’re taking during the regular check-up. In case if gums are bleeding and become more serious, contact the dental clinics in Albuquerque nm, and schedule an appointment with the dentist right away.

Brushing or Flossing Vigorously

Usually, gums bleed at the initial stages of flossing, especially if you haven’t done it regularly. Brushing and flossing vigorously can cause your gums to bleed. It should clear up within a week with proper oral care. However, if the symptoms don’t seem to improve, visit your dentist immediately.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes can alter the body’s response to the bacteria, leading to inflammation and gum disease. That’s why pregnant women experience bleeding, swollen, and painful gums. Practicing good oral hygiene can help prevent bleeding.

As you see, these are the major contributions of bleeding gums. Keep up with your dental appointments and practice good oral hygiene to prevent gum disease and inflamed and bleeding gums.

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