The French Provincial Home Design Australia – A Rustic Design Style

Styles of French Provincial Home Design have been around since the 18th century, but they have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Decorating your home with the rustic style of the French Provincial home design may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually quite simple to pull off, so long as you know the basic features and concepts of this unique home design style. But if you really want to get ahead in interior decorating, consider these 5 unique features of the French Provincial home design so that you can take your decorating to the next level for your new Rouse Hill development.

Colours and Textures of French Provincial Style

If you are opting for a French Provincial home design, colour choices will be based around soft hues with an emphasis on warm colours creamy whites, light grey tones with ivory and hints of soft blues and greens. If you want to incorporate rustic chic into your home, try using textured materials like rough timber or stone tiles. Adding unique textures into your design will instantly make it feel warm and personal.

French Provincial Style Finishes

In a French country home, wood is often used for its natural look and feel. In particular, oak timber is a popular choice for cabinetry because it’s so hardy and long-lasting. When designing a French-style room in your home, pick out a few key items in oak such as floorboards, skirting boards or cabinet doors to help give your living space a rustic touch. Another point to keep in mind when creating an elegant yet French style home is texture.

French Provincial Stye Floors

This rustic design style is characterized by wooden floors, adding a touch of warmth to your room. If you’re decorating with French provincial style in mind, make sure to include solid wood furniture made from oak or other hardwood. Spruce up your floors with carpet runners, patterned area rugs or high-quality hardwood flooring. Keep this in mind when looking for Rouse Hill land for sale to build your new French style home.

French Provincial Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home! The French provincial style kitchen incorporates the island bench in the middle of the room with a marble top to really give that luxurious look and feel. To further enhance the look of your kitchen, keep it white and install gorgeous countryside cupboards. Go for furniture that uses older and classic designs to add old-warm charm to your kitchen.

French Country Furniture and Fabrics

Incorporating French provincial style into your home design doesn’t mean you have to surrender everything modern or high-tech. But it does require a little finesse. Follow these simple rules to ensure you’re incorporating pieces that complement, not clash with, your decor. If you have found the best Rouse Hill land for sale to build your dream French style home, use fabrics rather than paint for French country effects, use traditional fabrics like damask, velvet and jacquard on sofas and chairs; coordinate plaids and prints throughout decor accents.

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