The Popular Home Design Trends in Australia


As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, it has changed how we live in our homes. From the materials we choose for our homes to the interior designs that inspire our indoor living, everything has dramatically changed. With 2021 nearing its end, 2022 promises a few new home design trends that influence your home buying process. If you are searching through the Rouse Hill land release to find a perfect plot to build your new home, we’ve listed a few emerging trends that you should never miss incorporating.

Hamptons Style

Charming, timeless, and luxurious – With bright interiors and soaring ceilings, it’s no surprise the Hamptons style is considered a coveted contemporary style for homes in Australia. Recently, Hamptons style has taken Australian residential developments such as Rouse Hill development in a storm as there is a growing demand for space both inside and outside of the home during this pandemic.

Hamptons style is one of the coastal styles which is well-known for its luxury, generosity, nautical theme, and more. White on white is the traditional Hamptons colour palette, and the style is more welcoming and encourages indoor-outdoor living. The large windows bordering the walls of the homes bring in a lot of light and evoke a sense of calm. Moreover, the Hamptons style homes appeal to people who enjoy living a luxury life.

Unlike other design trends, the Hamptons style involves layering patterns that create cosy spaces and a comforting setting. Houses in Hamptons style welcome you comfortable and grants relaxation in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, the people who invest in the Rouse Hill land release show a special interest in different versions of Hampton styles, including Coastal Hamptons, Modern Hamptons, and Rustic Hamptons.

Palm Springs Home Style

The Palm Springs home style is one of the biggest home décor trends and is growing in popularity among Australian home buyers. This stand-out style is generally seen in single-storey flat house designs and comes with large open-plan relaxing spaces. The Palm Springs style adds a slice of sophistication and glamour to contemporary coastal living. With the rising demand for increasing the synergy of indoor/outdoor living, the Palm Spring style is the right take on a modern home that favours modern furnishing, clean lines, and bold colours.

French Provincial Design

The French Provincial design, an elegant version of the Hamptons style, incorporates large spaces in a visually attractive way. The pleasing symmetrical façade with a balanced detail line emanating from the doors and windows highlights the grandeur and warmth of your property.

Are you looking for Rouse Hill land for sale to build your dream home? Searching for a residential property where you can live and enjoy yourself with your family? Whatever your choice may be, incorporating classic home designs such as the Hamptons and Palm Springs are both great starting points to create a truly luxurious home.

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