Things to Consider When Choosing Gas Detectors


Every working environment has its safety risks and challenges, regardless of size. That said, industries like oil and gas and mines are more dangerous than other commercial facilities as people work in confined places where the presence of hazardous gases are high. This is where the devices like gas and flame detectors play a crucial role in saving lives and reducing property damages. Portable gas detectors and Flame Detector are life saving devices. Therefore, it make sense to choose the right gas or flame detectors based on the needs of your facility. Gas monitors and detectors should be reliable, detecting all hazardous present or may arise.

With several types of gas detectors and flame detectors available in the market, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one. How will you know which type of gas detector will suit your facility and needs? Here are a few pointers to help choose the right gas monitors:-

Assess the Risk

Before choosing the gas detector, you’ll have to know the hazards you’re exposed to. Assessing the risk in your facility is the foundation of determining, evaluating, and controlling risk. Any unsafe level of gases or chemicals can be dangerous, leading to fatal gas or fire accidents. It’s not just important for safety, but it’s the law. Perform a thorough hazard assessment to invest in the right lifesaving equipment, if you aren’t sure, have a skilled industrial hygienist take a look at the site and perform the assessment for you.

Understand the Features of Gas Detectors

When you know the hazard risk in your facility, you can begin to determine the type and concentration of the gases. All scenarios and possible situations should be considered when you are sampling. Choose sampling devices that have the sensors for the known and unknown potential hazardous present in the atmosphere. When you sample the equipment, you could very well know and understand the features of the equipment and determine the right one for your facility.

Identify the Type of Gas Detector

There are several types of gas detectors, including transportable, fixed, personal, single gas, and multiple gas detection systems. Know the features and pros of each type and choose the best that suits your facility’s needs.

Choose the Right Communication System

Technology has given us lot of life saving devices. But, communication is the key. Gas detectors can report data back to control centre. With such information, it’s easier to prevent fatal accidents in confined spaces. However, choosing the right alarm systems are equally important. It could be visual, audible, vibratory or combination of these.

Before choosing the equipment, a full site assessment is necessary to safeguard against fires or explosions.

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