Things to Consider While Choosing a Towing Company


Unexpected car troubles and getting stranded at the roadside aren’t fun and can be frustrating. What’s even worse is, breakdowns usually occur when you least expect them. When you are caught in this situation and don’t know what to do, call a reliable company for towing in Lakewood, WA. While it’s tempting to call the first towing company that appears on the list, it’s wise to consider the following factors for best results.

Experience and Reputation

When searching online, before calling a service provider, perform simple research to find out the experience and reputation of the company. Hiring a towing company that specializes in auto transport services in Lakewood with a high reputation will provide you with guaranteed and professional service. Read the customer reviews and avoid companies that are reported for scams. Visit their websites to find their expertise and experience, which assures that you are in good hands.


The next factor to consider is the service cost charged by the company for towing in Lakewood, WA. Call the company and confirm that the company you choose is transparent about their costs and there are no additional charges incurred. Moreover, confirm any additional taxes included in the final charge. Once you agree on the price, check whether your credit card offers any benefits for roadside assistance and towing. If yes, make use of it to minimize the cost.

24×7 Assistance

Some towing companies provide 24×7 assistance, whereas others provide limited time assistance in a day. So, check the availability of the service before you hire them. If they are available round the clock, they will come to you at the right time when you need them. If you aren’t considering this factor, you will be left stranded for long hours waiting for them to arrive.

Area Coverage

When you are choosing a towing company, check whether they offer their professional service within the territory you are stranded. If they aren’t working within the territory coverage, they can’t get you with the service and also cannot be able to provide you with the right feedback on towing companies out of their home base.


Hire a towing company with the right insurance that covers the damages that might occur while towing your vehicle. Otherwise, you are liable to any potential damages that occur while transporting your vehicle from the pickup point to the destination.

Wrapping Up

Getting stranded at the roadside due to a vehicle breakdown is hard, and finding a reliable towing company is equally complicated. So, consider the above factors and take your time to research to find the right professionals who can help at the most inconvenient times. Visit for roadside assistance and private parking towing in Lakewood.

The author of this article has been offering towing in Lakewood, WA, for over three decades. In this article, he lists some primary factors to consider while choosing a towing service. Visit for more.

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