Things You Should Know About Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper


Greaseproof paper is also known as waxed paper, wax board or coated paper. It’s generally used in food packaging, printing, stationery or other related products. According to the different usage requirements, the waxed coated paper could be divided into food-grade greaseproof paper, SGS approved greaseproof paper and custom printed greaseproof paper. You can seek the help of one of the leading printed greaseproof paper suppliers for your custom printed greaseproof papers.

What is Printed Greaseproof Paper?

Printed greaseproof paper suppliers provide businesses and individuals with quality printed greaseproof paper. It is ideal for any setting that involves serving food or drinks. Printed greaseproof paper works well in restaurants, bars, or other food-related businesses because it looks professional and is easy to read. It’s also easy to clean up after use, which makes it perfect for transporting hot food from one location to another while maintaining your brand image.

Uses of Printed Greaseproof Paper

The printed greaseproof paper has a number of uses: They can be used as handouts and promotional materials and can also be used for wrapping items such as books. Printed greaseproof paper is commonly found in hospital gift shops, where it is used to wrap gifts for visitors. A lot of businesses even use printed greaseproof paper as an advertising medium. Since they are so easy to carry around and handle, they’re often given out at trade shows and exhibitions; if they’re meant to advertise a product or service, these may also bear logos and company names. A lot of restaurants that package takeout orders choose printed greaseproof paper instead of plastic bags since it takes up less space and is reusable.

Advantages of Custom Printed Greaseproof Paper

The first thing to know is that the printed greaseproof paper looks professional. If you are hoping to market your company or product, you want something that looks great and impresses people right away. The printed greaseproof paper does just that because it provides a clean design that will get noticed by everyone who sees it. Not only is printed greaseproof paper great for marketing your business, but there are lots of other reasons why you should invest in custom printed greaseproof paper.

With custom printed greaseproof paper, you don’t have to worry about storage space. Printing your logo and other information on greaseproof paper will not affect its durability or integrity, meaning that it won’t lose its shape or strength over time. This means that you can throw your printed greaseproof paper in a desk drawer, backpack or anywhere else you want without having to worry about how it will hold up.


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