Tips to Have a Great Dining Experience at an Asian Restaurant


We Aussies have embraced different cuisines around the world. We have many restaurants that offer different cuisines, including Asian takeaway. In fact, Asian food remains Aussies favourite cuisine. The fashion of Asian street foods has gained its popularity over the last few years. Thanks to its visually appealing, aromatic, and delicious food.

As the range of Asian food grows in Australia, chefs of the best Asian restaurant have the liberty of defining their version of Asian street food. If you want to try Asian street food and it’s the first time you’re visiting an Asian restaurant, the following tips should help you have the best dining experience:-

Select the Right Restaurant

It’s the first step in having a great dining experience at the best laksa in Sydney. Choose a restaurant where waiters take orders and serve you when you’re in the mood to try some Asian street foods. In many places, there’re trollies of dim sums in Asian restaurants, and they come to every table so that patrons can choose what they want. Moreover, make sure the restaurant has a good ambiance, creating an Asian vibe.

Start With a Soup

Asian soups are the best. A good decision while you are at the Asian restaurant is to first order a soup. However, start with a meal soup rather than the soup broth as it will help you enjoy your meals properly. If you’re not a big fan of soup, go for Asian herbal tea as they are a must-try. It’s healthy as well as aromatic.

Select the Right Dishes

There’re a range of popular Asian street foods. You’ll find various colours, spices, and recipes when it comes to Asian foods. You can select seafood or chicken, beef, lamb, pork, or duck. For the main course, go for dishes rich in vegetables and include meat in a small amount. You can also order two dishes, one with a meat base and another one with your favourite veggies. Ask for chef’s special and you could even personalise according to your choice of taste and ingredients. Request for plain white rice so that you can enjoy it with all their excellent sauces. Trust us; you won’t regret it. They’re super delicious.

Share Your Dish

Suppose if you visit an Asian restaurant in Sydney with your friends and family, order and share it with everyone. Sharing is one of Asian’s practices while eating.

Eating in an Asian restaurant will give you a memorable experience that you could cherish forever.

The author is a chef who is specialised in recreating Asian street food, bringing traditional and characteristic styles of food from across the Asian continent. Visit for more details about Asian takeaway.

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