TMS Australia: Another route out of depression

With the rapid rise of depression cases all across the world and recognising the need to alleviate these cases, medicinal therapy has slowly been resisted by patients affected by it. This rings concerns for many physiatrist as depression is one of the leading causes of disabilities and more concerning disorders down the line such as bipolar affective disorder or recurrent depressive disorder.

As such TMS therapy has come to mind for many patients who’ve found themselves resistant against medical therapy. It’s said that two thirds of people don’t receive adequate relief after the first antidepressant and even after months, the symptoms of depression are still present if not continued to grow. As such, regardless of the rtms treatment cost, patients have slowly been prescribed by their physiatrist to undertake TMS therapy.

Compared to medicinal therapy, TMS therapy is intensive in requiring numerous sessions in a span of weeks to months. TMS Australia physiatrists note that in the country, it is still fairly new compared to electrotherapy in regards to research. Many of those backing for the expanded availability of the treatment in the country state that further research and trial of TMS therapy can hopefully bring out new treatments for other neurological disorders.

Afterall, the treatment itself is unique in that it is able to send magnetic stimulation towards the region of the brain specifically affected, in contrast to other treatments that fully impact the workings regardless if other regions are affected.

Even as a new treatment under works, there’s discussion that the treatment could even alleviate stresses regarding pain management, and physical rehabilitation in addition to psychiatry according to TMS Australia.

Though as stated as earlier, rtms treatment cost is one of the obstacles that many patients and doctors encounter when prescribing the treatment. Not only is it limited in the venues one can receive the treatment, but it also puts constraints in scheduling and sessional fees of patients. Someone who works day-to-day would need to slot specific hours of their week to get to their sessions.

Even now, clinical trials on their own are already costly in the equipment and training. Though the upside is that these trials are currently accommodating patients that are resistant or needing alleviation from the effects of pediatric depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, smoking cessation, and post-traumatic stress disorder. All disorders that stem from depression before branching off.

So while TMS therapy is costly and hard to come by, physiatrists are hopeful that a change in the availability will soon allow the cost to lessen as more findings regarding the treatment come to light.

As stated before, rtms treatment cost is a high price but given that it is offered to those who have already faced and found no improvement in other treatments, it is best to consider this as one of the last routes to take if the effects of depression are not swaying.

The author is a practice manager, and he provides personalised tms Castle Hill therapy in an outpatient setting, avoiding the need for patient hospitalisation. Visit for more details.

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