Top 5 Best Coffees in Australia

So many aspects of our lives lead to coffee. Farmers make a living out of beans. Beans create coffee that shops sell. We drink coffee to start off the day. We drink coffee to socialise with the people around us. It might even be argued that coffee is a common identifiable trait of modern civilisation.

Coffee drinking used to be private. Long ago, people gathered together in houses and made coffee to socialise in isolation. It used to be very intimate. Although rendezvous like that are still intimate now, we commonly find people drinking coffee to socialize in public spaces. Thanks to cafe fitout services, coffee shops are the favorite hangout place of the younger generation. Cafe fit out costs may vary from place to place but cafe fitouts Sydney has to offer starts at $600 depending on the space and style demand.

When talking about coffee, it’s not only essential to think about the environment. It is important that you enjoy the beverage. It’s also important to consider the plethora of coffee beverages you may enjoy.


Most cafe fitout services are triggered by the changes in the menu offered by the establishment. It can be that the cafe has already saved up to accommodate the cafe fit out costs and expand its coffee options by adding different types of coffee in there. The safest choice for people who are relatively new to coffee are lattes. Cafe lattes are made by mixing a shot of espresso in a glass before pouring steamed milk. It’s also an easy beverage to make, which is why you’ll see a lot of people make lattes for themselves at home.

Flat White

Another type of drink that is commonly featured in the designs of some of the creative cafe fitout styles is the flat white coffee. Flat white is very similar to lattes in almost every aspect. The only difference between them is that it’s supposed to be more creamy whereas lattes usually emphasize frothiness. Flat whites are so popular that they enjoy almost 24% of all coffee beverage sales in Australia.

Long Black

Cafe fitouts Sydney is popular nowadays as many establishments try to expand their facilities to cater the growing population of coffee lovers in the city. One of the popular drinks that they like is Long Black. Long Black is Australia’s Americano. Long Blacks are also a relatively healthy choice for coffee drinkers. It has no added sugar, and you enjoy all the benefits that you get from coffee.

Short Macchiato

Cafe fitouts Sydney is a must to attract customers. Although cafe fit out costs may have an impact on your operational costs, this strategy will give you a great ROI in the long run as you can invite more coffee lovers in town. It is best to also add in the popular coffee variations in your menu such as the short macchiato. Short Macchiato are made with a single shot of Espresso then adding a cup of steamed milk and foam.

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