What Can Go Wrong When Painting?


Well, many things can wrong if you are an amateur painter, especially if you are a newbie. A fresh coat of paint can transform your house instantly. But, they can break your home’s architectural style and curb appeal if not done right and painted with the wrong colours.

It’s no wonder you are inspired by DIY painting videos and blogs on the internet. DIY painting doesn’t suit everyone, and we, painters lane cove, don’t recommend it to our clients. What worked for a painting YouTuber or blogger mightn’t work for you, and it doesn’t necessarily have to. That’s why it is recommended to hire painters eastern suburbs to make the most of your painting project. However, if you want to to give it still a chance, try not to make these mistakes:-

Using Wrong Brush

It might be tempting to opt for cheap painting brushes, rollers, and other materials required for painting to save money. But, the quality of your paint job significantly depends on the quality of the tools you are using. Cheap brushes and rollers will ruin the paint job, even if it is high-quality paint. It can leave brush marks, show tracking, fuzz, streaks, and much more. So, choose the right brush. Don’t settle in for cheap products to save money. But, actually, you won’t save money rather spend more on fixing your mistakes.

Not Preparing the Wall

Most DIY painters jump right into painting the walls by skimping on the preparation of the walls. When the surface is dirty, damp, and oil, the paint can start to detach and form unsightly bubbles, cracks, and blisters over time. A perfect job relies on the condition of the painting surface. Of course, cleaning is a tedious process. But, when done, you can achieve the desired and flawless finish that you’ve been looking for. So, prepare the walls.

Clean, dust, and wash the surface with soap water, rinse, and pat dry. Patch and sand holes, dents, or any other imperfections on the wall. Apply the right primer if needed to cover stains and increase the adherence on drywall or any other surface.

Ignoring the Weather

Extreme temperatures aren’t suitable for painting. So, when you are planning to start painting, make sure you’re conscious of the weather. High moisture can slow down the drying process, and freezing temperatures can cause cracking and peeling, while extreme heat can make the paint dry quickly without proper adhesion.

Skipping Primer

Primer is the key to a quality paint job. Primer is an invaluable element in preventing old colour from bleeding through and helping the paint adhere to the surface properly. So, never skimp on priming the walls.

Choosing Wrong Colours

You might be attracted by a paint colour on the store and would have got it. But, it can looks differently when painted on your walls. Well, this is one of the common mistakes DIYers make. Choosing the wrong colours can ruin your painting project. So, test the colours on your walls before deciding. When in doubt, get colour consultation from painters eastern suburbs Sydney.

Make sure not to make these painting mistakes. Get help from the professional painters to paint your house.

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