What Causes Electrical Fires?


Do you know electrical fires are one of the leading cause of house fires in Australia? In most cases, overlooked electrical problems are the leading causes of household wires. Electrical fires can be devastating, leading to severe injuries and death in the worst case. It’s important that every house owner understands the potential electrical hazards and the threat an electrical fire poses. Periodical electrical maintenance and fixing electrical problems are the best defence to prevent electrical fires.

So, what causes electrical fires? Electrical contractors Sydney have shared some of the most common causes to help make your informed decisions and make sure your home is well protected.

Outdated Electrical Wiring

Is your home too old? Probably the wiring is outdated or worn-out as they can’t handle today’s power needs. Houses built more than twenty years ago have antiquated wiring. Outdated or worn-out wiring is a leading cause of house fires because they don’t have to capacity to meet the power demand of modern electrical appliances and electronics. If you notice frequent circuit breaker trips, power outages, or any other signs of bad wiring, please hire an experienced electrician Sydney to inspect your house and rewire your house.

Faulty Electrical Outlets

You might be surprised, but most electrical fires start in outlets. This is because ungrounded outlets are more likely to spark and catch on fire quickly. That said, even grounded outlets can catch fire if the wiring is loose, damaged, or worn out. So, it’s important to inspect the outlets regularly. Look for signs of wear or any kind of damages, including soot around the sockets and switches. Tightening the loose wires can help prevent fires. Call professional electrical companies Sydney for outlet upgrades and serious electrical repairs.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are one of the most common causes of electrical fires. However, it’s easily preventable. Make sure the capacity of the extension cord matches with the appliances you’re using to avoid electrical fires. Also, remember, the total wattage of all the electrical devices in your house should never exceed the extension cord capacity.

Circuit Overload

Plugging too many cords into the same power source is a bad idea, yet most of us tend to do it. Avoid using a single extension cord to power multiple devices at once. Overloading the circuit will wear out the system, resulting in a fire.

Old Appliances

Older appliances aren’t up to modern electrical standards in terms of materials and safety regulations. If you have old appliances, please replace them with a new one.

Never let a preventable electrical fire bring catastrophic damages to your house. If you notice any signs of an electrical problem, call your electrician right away.

The author is an experienced electrician in Sydney. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality electrical services to residential and commercial properties. Please https://ampowerelectrical.com.au/ for more details.

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