Why a Cloud Business Phone Is the Best Solution for Your Business

As more and more companies start to offer Internet-based services and become more digitalised, cloud based telephone systems are gaining traction in the world of business. A cloud business phone is associated with numerous benefits ranging from reliability to lower costs. But before you make the switch to this technology, let’s talk about the different aspects to consider to determine if cloud phones are best for your business.

Advantages of a cloud hosted pbx system

The lower cost is undeniably the most important advantage of choosing a cloud pbx system for any business. Because the Internet is used to make calls, your business pays significantly less for its phone service and regular call charges are lower or sometimes bundles in your contract.

Using a conventional phone line is more costly because you will be needing multiple lines and there’s cases where you have to pay extra for voicemail, call transferring and other additional features. Using a cloud system, key features like these are already included as part of the phone service. Some of these kind of all-in service packages are simply paid for by a fixed monthly fee, although that varies and depends on the the ‘feature-richness’ of the system you’re looking at.

Compared to traditional phone systems, a cloud business phone system is very dependable. Because it is hosted in various locations, there will always be another server to keep things running well in case one server encounters problems. This method is very effective against service downtime and similar issues.

Another major advantage of choosing a cloud phone system for small business is flexibility. These days, workers are greatly expected to be available anytime wherever they are. As long as there is an Internet connection, cloud phones can make this happen by allowing your employees to receive and make calls from a desktop, laptop or any VoIP (soft) phone, regardless of their locations.

Useful cloud phone features that are good for business

Cloud hosted telephone systems are packed with many useful features. This is the main reason why more and more businesses are starting to adopt cloud hosted phone systems. Unlike conventional analog telephone systems, a cloud phone system will allow you to easily update or add features once they are available.

Some of the many key features that your business can instantly enjoy once you go for a cloud phone system are routing programming, internal calling regardless of the team member’s global location, ring anywhere and much more. When choosing a good cloud telephone system for your business, look for one that could consolidate phone calls, voicemails, texting, instant messaging with CRM, social media, web apps and emails.

Final Word

For small businesses that are eyeing major growth or just want the flexibility and peace of mind of scalability, a cloud business phone is the perfect companion for your business for an efficient and hassle-free scaling. With this kind of system on hand, you don’t have to pay for additional equipment or hire professional services to add advanced features, extensions and phone lines. Because all the updates are to be done in the cloud, it means zero maintenance and more savings for your growing business.

The author is a provider of an intelligent cloud crm combined with a business phone system for the business of all size. No matter what size of your business, you have the same technology as the big enterprises, professional call & contact centres and support & sales desks on a pay-as-you-go basis. Visit https://tiggadesk.com/ for more details.

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