Why Choose Cordless Rivet Nut Guns?


Rivets are the popular fasteners in the manufacturing industry. Thanks to its secure connectivity, affordability, durability, and ease of installation qualities. Rivets are used in a wide range of applications, such as construction, field repairs, auto industry, and workshops. Manufacturers constantly review and optimise rivet nuts and rivet guns and offer innovative products to enhance user experience. One such greatest innovation in fastening technology is high-powered battery rivet guns that have revolutionised the rivet nut installation tools.

Before cordless rivet nut gun, riveting guns required long hoses for pneumatic guns, and they were too clumsy, making it difficult to handle on job sites or for joints, especially in restricted spaces. Advanced technologies in battery have changed that, and today’s rivet tools are compact, easy to use and handle, and can be powered by rechargeable batteries, making it easier to use the guns virtually in any space.

There are many reasons why you need to opt for a cordless rivet gun, and here are they:-


Unlike pneumatic rivet tools that require compressors and hoses to operate, battery rivet gun are self-contained and can be used anywhere as they don’t require power cords, making them an extremely versatile tool. Be it a construction site, field repairs, auto industry, or factory application, cordless rivet guns can be used.

Easy to Operate

Unlike manual and pneumatic rivet guns, handheld rivet guns are designed to operate easily, even in confined and tight areas. With a portable cordless rivet gun that is lightweight and easy to use, you can use it all day along if you have extra batteries. As battery technology continues to progress, cordless rivet guns have become more compact and lightweight. In fact, many weigh under 10 pounds. Compared to a heavier pneumatic rivet gun, operator fatigues is less in cordless rivet guns.


Today’s battery system delivers more power and maintains a charge for an extended period that eliminates the need for dealing with troublesome cords. Battery-powered rivet guns are more powerful, making the job easier and quicker. A single battery-charged rivet guns can deliver hundreds of rivets within a few minutes, and it’s very easy to switch the batteries. Newer batteries take around two hours to recharge.


With the right amount of torque and the right rivet tool for the job, you can use a range of rivets and lockbolts, including solid, tubular, split, blind rivets, drive rivets, etc. The nosepiece of the cordless rivet can be easily changed to use the tool for multiple tasks.

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