Why Packing a Microfiber Towel for Your Next Hike is Essential?


Planning your next hiking adventure? The adrenaline rush you enjoy wouldn’t be complete without the best microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are lightweight, compact and are perfect for trekking. These towels dry quickly and ensure you are always clean throughout your trekking expedition. Here we’ve listed some of the unique reasons to buy the best quick dry towels in Australia for your next hike.


As mentioned earlier, microfiber towels are lightweight and ultra-packable. This will be a great option if you are looking to keep your weight down. Microfiber towels don’t add any extra weight, and they won’t slow you down when you are hiking. These towels come in super-compact size, and you can easily pack them in your backpack. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch your cotton towel and buy a microfiber towel to move with ease during the next expedition.

Quick Drying

Microfiber towels are lightweight and can dry quickly. This is an essential capability that is essential when you are sweating in hot weather or at high altitudes. You can also use microfiber towels as a camp towel that can be used to clean up after meals.

Good Absorbent Capability

A chunky beach towel that is used to dry off leaves lint all over your body. This can be frustrating. When it comes to the best microfiber towels, they are made of tiny loops that are made to trap moisture at one end and release them quickly at another.

High Water Efficiency

After hiking, having a good towel is essential to shed water. Microfiber towels absorb water four times more than other towels per square inch. This makes microfiber towels the best option for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. With microfiber towels, you can stay comfortable without worrying about using too much water.

Bright Colours

Microfiber towels are available in different colours and are hard to neglect. When you are hiking or camping, always choose light-coloured microfiber towels to prevent them from getting lost in the pool of black bags at camp.


Another reason to use a microfiber towel for camping is its versatility. Whether you are in hot or humid surroundings, microfiber towels provide three different options for drying. So, pack your microfiber towel along with other hiking accessories such as shoes, pants, boots, and more, to avoid getting caught wet.

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