Why Should You Choose a Weekly Cleaning Service Over Monthly Cleaning?


Are you thinking of hiring professional Bay Area cleaning services for a while now? Do you have professionals coming into your home to clean once a month? Pondering whether or not to hire a weekly home cleaning service?

Keeping your home clean is crucial for your overall health and wellness. Hiring Bay Area cleaning services is a brilliant option to maintain your living space spotless and sparkling clean. Moreover, it helps you manage your time effectively. But consistency is the key here. Getting regular house cleaning is significant to experience the best results and protect your family from harmful illnesses. So, the question arises – how often should your clean your home? Weekly or monthly?

Benefits of Weekly Home Cleaning Services

Getting the professionals on board to deep clean your home every week can be extremely beneficial for you and your family. Here we’ve listed a few benefits of hiring a weekly maid service in San Francisco.

A Clean Home

One of the most obvious benefits of getting a weekly cleaning service is that your home stays cleaner always. Every day, your family brings in dirt, dust and leaves dirty fingerprints on the walls and other surfaces. When you go longer without cleaning, these grime start building up, making your home unhygienic and dirty. Moreover, monthly cleanings are harder to remove these marks and cannot provide the results you deserve. When you hire weekly cleaning services, these messes are cleaned up easily, and your home will look and feel great again.

Health Benefits

We all know that a dirty house is unhealthy. Germs and allergens accumulate on the surface of your house that you and your family come in contact with every day. This puts you and your family members at risk of severe illness and allergies. Choosing a weekly cleaning service is a good way to sanitize these areas and fight disease-causing bacteria and germs. Moreover, the results of monthly cleaning wear off quickly, whereas weekly cleaning protects your family from various illnesses.

Decrease Stress

Hiring weekly house cleaning services takes one thing off your to-do list, making you feel less stressed. When you spend less time on cleaning, you’ll start spending more time on self-care and protect yourself from unhealthy stress like ‘is my home clean for visitors?’ and more.

Easy Maintenance

With a monthly house cleaning service, there can be various things that can happen in between cleanings. The accumulation of dust and allergens increases and leads to severe health issues. But, in the case of a weekly cleaning service, they will deep clean your home and take care of dusting, resulting in improved health and easy maintenance.

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